Fiddleheads Cooking Studio

Chappaqua and Rye, NY 10514
Phone: 646-853-6046Email: camps@fiddleheadscookingstudio.comWebsite: Visit Website

Enjoy a flavorful adventure this summer with Fiddleheads, whose mission is to create a fun and educational environment that promotes food exploration and teaches children where food comes from using seasonal ingredients.

Fiddleheads offers summer programs connected with fun weekly themes, garden education, crafts - and - children receive their very own apron.

In these hands-on cooking classes, children will gain the confidence they need in the kitchen by:

-Learning new skills: Collaborating to create dishes as they take turns measuring and mixing ingredients,and learning safe kitchen practices.
-Discovering new ingredients:  Encouraging children to use their senses to touch, smell and taste all ingredients.
-Exploring the gardens: Educating children about the farm-to-table experience and engaging in an interactive discussion about where food comes from.
-Enhancing their creativity: Engaging children in creative projects aligned with the weekly theme.
-Cooking their own meals: Empowering children to prepare their own snack, lunch and drink - saving parents additional time and effort.
-Enjoying the final product: Joining together as a community to share their thoughts and feelings about different flavors and textures as they enjoy their dishes.

Five-week programs are being offered in two locations in Chappaqua and Rye, beginning June 27 - August 2, from 9:00-12:30 with early drop-off and late pick-up options available.

For more information and to register visit:, call 646-853-6046 or email: