Codeverse, the world's first interactive coding studio for kids,

is coming to Westchester

January 14, 2020

Imagine a futuristic wonderland designed just for kids. A world full of endless possibilities and adventure, where kids can explore and experiment with advanced, cutting-edge technology. A place where today’s kids invent tomorrow.

 Introducing Codeverse, the world’s first fully interactive coding studio for kids ages 6-13. Opening at The Westchester this summer, Codeverse will be offering weeklong summer camps, weekday coding classes, and weekend parties. 

Codeverse's ~3,000 sq ft space at The Westchester will boast a wide range of high-tech features contributing to a completely immersive and collaborative learning environment. The studio will be riddled with cutting-edge gadgets, including a 20ft TV wall and professional-grade lights and speakers, which can be programmed by kids using real code! 

Codeverse teaches kids how to code using KidScript - a proprietary language that enables children to build mobile games, projects and apps, as well as program dozens of objects within the state-of-the-art studio. KidScript draws inspiration from, and acts as a gateway to, many other languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, Python and Visual Basic.

Who teaches kids how to code at Codeverse?

All Codeverse camps and classes are led by Guides. 

Guides are a collective of K-12 certified teachers, improv comedians, seasoned designers, engineers and game developers. This diverse mix of backgrounds, skill-sets, and experiences creates a dynamic, fun, and engaging learning environment for the children. 

Guides are equipped with iPads that display real stats on how every student is progressing through the curriculum. Tracking every interactive, milestone, and mistake gives Codeverse Guides an unprecedented amount of rich data that is then used to craft a personalized approach to learning to code. 

2020 Summer Camps at Codeverse Westchester

From video game creation and robotics, to 3D printing and circuitry, Codeverse camps are packed with hands-on STEM activities designed for beginner and pro coders, alike. 

Each day of camp is assigned a theme and is comprised of fun, engaging, and educational adventures, including:

  • Studio programming - Learn how to program cutting-edge gadgets (such as lights and speakers) using real code.
  • Robotics - Build a real robot. Compete in high-speed robot races on obstacle courses designed by fellow campers.
  • Coding - Learn all the core fundamentals universal to any programming language.
  • 3D Printing - Create jaw-dropping 3D printed designs.
  • Circuitry - Learn all about circuits and sensors.
  • Game Development - Design multi-level, multi-player video games.

To cap it off, kids show off their coding creations to family and friends during Demo Day, a fun celebration that is held every Friday afternoon during camp.

Summer camps run Monday-Friday from 9AM-3PM throughout the months of June, July, and August. All allergy-free meals and snacks are included. Complimentary early drop-off and pick-up options are available.

Be one of the first to experience Codeverse Westchester! Parents can sign kids up for summer camp at Early bird special is $399 until June 1st, 2020. (Regular price: $499) The discount code for $100 off camps is: EARLYBIRD-100